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A personal Astro Map reading will interpret the energy affecting a person at a given location. I use your Natal Chart placements to decode the unique set of circumstances you are likely to encounter. The reports interpret the chances
for love & romance, career advancement, the likelihood of becoming a parent, home and family life, and many more influences as they relate to the specific locations you choose. Book Now, and you will receive your readings within 48
hours, often sooner, delivered directly to the email address on the booking form.

Who can benefit from Astro Mapping? Anyone who is conducting their lives here on earth. Honestly, have you ever wondered why you are experiencing the situations that you are, where you currently live? Are you considering a move to another city, state/province, or country? Find out how you are likely to experience these new cities. Are you considering a vacation destination? Would you like to know how likely you are to experience relaxation, excitement, or even the possibility of finding true love? You will find all of this and more in your own unique Astro Map story.

In-Depth Chart Analysis:

A 1-hr consultation. First, I address the birth vision of the natal birth chart itself, then a review of the current chart activity. There is plenty of time for both informational content as well as dialogue and process of the deeper meaning. There is a deep engagement with the astrological material and how it relates to your soul work. $160

Charting the Course:

A 1hr session addressing current activity affecting the birth chart (mainly transits, progressions, solar returns). What are the most pressing current evolutionary lessons? What is the optimal way to proceed? Whereas astrological counseling is strictly process, this consult has more of an informational bent too. This option is appropriate for returning clients to get updates after an initial consultation. $140


A 90-minute consultation addressing the energetic relationship between any two people (including the composite chart, which details the themes and dynamics of the relationship itself as a 3rd entity). Not exclusively for intimate partners, it’s relevant for any two people who are interested in understanding their energetic dynamics. There is a condensed account of both individuals natal chart in the first part, then the relationship piece in the 2nd. $190

Locational Astrology:

A 50-minute session exploring one’s energetic attunement in various places on the globe. You provide a list of places you’d like to look at, and I’ll provide information on how your natal chart is accentuated there. There are no “good” or “bad” places with this approach, rather, we look at the unique lessons which become highlighted through location. I do encourage a sound understanding of the natal chart itself to have a deeper understanding of what becomes manifest through location. Please select the in-depth option for that, and location can be included. For just the locational piece, choose this option. $140

Additional Half Hour Add-on

This can be added to any reading at the time of purchase. $30

Nikki offer’s a range of reports specific to you. Not only based on your sign, but based on your date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth. Fill one out today to get instant results.

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