Instructor Oginalii


Hello, my spiritual name is Oginalii. Which is the Cherokee Indian’s word for “My Friend”. I am a healer with a unique set of gifts that allows the shadow side of yourself to be heard and seen without fearing it. The shadow realms are full of villains looking for victims. When you identify as the victim in all your life experiences, then you’re calling in the shadows to come and continue to cause chaos. My healing course will remove the victim energy from around you and make you a force to be reckoned with in this reality and the spiritual realms.

Course Package: $91 My services are on pre-recorded video

1st– Shadow Tarot Reading: This will be done first so that I can Identify what the shadows want you to know. It’s like a consultation but you don’t get to dictate the subject matter. The shadow doesn’t like to be ruled over and it will only tell you what you need to do in the present moment to stop further destruction in whatever category of your life.

2nd– Shadow Protection Spell: This will have the shadows see you as a villain, too, and stop feeding off your old victim energy. This step is vital because shadow is fast paced and destructive if you’re not of the same vibration. It will consume you.

3rd– Sin Eating: I eat a piece of bread and drink some wine that will transmute all your burdens of the past, stagnation of the present moment, and fear of the future, into the light of blessings.

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I don’t do consultations my services are self explanatory.

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