Welcome to my website, I am a professional astrologer, and business coach from Northern California. My passion for astrology began when I was nineteen, I picked up a book regarding astrology in a second-hand bookstore. I started reading it right then in there in the isle of the bookstore. Soon I was perched against a window seal enchanted with what I read. I quickly scrolled to Aries as I wanted to know everything about my sun sign. The book mentioned that I had several other significant astrological placements, making aspects that had a strong influence over my day-to-day life. I soon took this book and many others like it home to discover more about the inner workings of my personality. I wanted to know as much as I could about my newfound interest and burgeoning passion. I also continued adding to my astrological understanding with workshops and classes. I became the go-to astrologer for my circle of friends.

I finished University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I then worked in the financial services industry for some years. While I had been successful, my desire to inspire and help humanity was, well, put on the back burner. So with a renewed sense of purpose. I began putting to use all I had learned over the years of study and research in astrology, and together with my business acumen, I knew I could help those seeking the answers to some of life’s biggest questions. I am blessed to do the work I love and that I am passionate about as I continue to work with like-minded individuals helping them do their astrology consciously.


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